Talent Sourcing

Forget traditional recruitment consultancy service. While in the smart age, why still the old approach for sourcing and recruitment of the new-gen smart talent. Here's the list of our unique Talent Sourcing service plans.

Partner with us and utilize our highly skilled subject matter expert(SME) recruiters to get most prefferred professionals for your organisation. How it is different from traditional recruitment service. VRTS HIRING PROCESS

As a client your only involvement will be in final interview and in offer negotiation. We carry the entire baggage of setting up your new team from framing the Job Descriptions to Offer issuance. Hire us and save time, cost, manpower and efforts of HR team. Get in touch now to know details and pricing.

Best suitable for hiring technical/engineering/pharma candidates where we assure a joinig candidate within agreed timeline or we refund our fees. Our recruiters are smart enough to get a candidate which is best fit technically and organisationally for your organisation and within your budget.

Our unique approach and sourcing practice is proven technique of genuine offer acceptances and long term candidate tenure with your organisation. It's easy to find a candidate from any job profile but only smart recruiters can screen profiles which will genuinely join and be with the organisation for long. That's our USP. Talk to our Recruitment Expert now.

One of the top positions in the organisation pyramid. CTO, VP, CIO, COO, MD, Directors, Coutnry Head or any other key decision making position, we understand it so well that either we hire or we refund. For all the "C" level head hunting. Years and years of recruitment experience makes us expert, professional, polite and convincing in our approach to the top industry Executives. Speak with us now to start PrimeHunt for your "C" level.